Boab Capital Group

We provide institutional investors with efficient and direct access
to private equity and private debt deals.

About UsOur Work

What We Provide

We provide both debt and equity funding solutions alongside specialty consulting services.

By providing a complete solution we can reduce costs and complexity, whilst enhancing speed and outcomes.


Equity Funding

Typically $15-100m.

Debt Funding

Typically $15-100m.

Specialty Advisory

discrete services supporting acquisitions, divestments, capital raisings, operational transformations, turnarounds & debt restructures.

Who We Are

Boab is an Australian based investor & advisory partner
funded by pension funds & high net worth investors.

Boab is operated by a seasoned team with deep experience across growth, transformational & turnaround investing.

Boab Capital Group takes its name from the boab tree, whose resilience enables it to survive in the rugged country of North Western Australia through extreme seasons to live to ages greater than 1500 years.

Customised Funding Structures

We customise our approach to meet the unique requirements of each deal using combinations of …


For Growth, Buyout &
Recapitalisation opportunities.

Senior debt

To support appropriately
leveraged businesses

High yield debt

For higher risk, but stable
businesses & acquisition finance

Debt purchase

Acquisition of senior debt
to facilitate an efficient
recapitalisation of over-geared

Our Solutions


We provide a unique set of solutions to bring institutional capital efficiently into high value private opportunities, combining direct private equity and private debt with specialty transaction advisory, restructuring & business transformation services.

Institutional Coinvestment Portfolios

We believe there is a better model than ‘private equity 2&20’.

We build tailored portfolios of direct co-investment deals for our institutional partners to invest in both the debt and equity layers of a transaction. Our ‘whole-of-capital’ approach enables us to:

  • simplify and speed up transactions
  • cut double handling to reduce transaction costs
  • halve the fee burden & reduce the MER
Capital for growth, buyouts & restructures

We structure and fund transactions to capture value from unique situations.

Our extensive private equity track record has centred around funding growth opportunities, MBOs and capital restructures. Aside from the capital, our management partners benefit from our:

  • Deep transactional experience to achieve the best outcomes when buying or selling
  • Broad experience garnered across many businesses and sectors
  • Ability to focus businesses on what creates value
Acquisitions & Divestments Advisory

Buying and selling businesses is at our core.

But we do it from the perspective of owners, not agents. For us, it isn’t just a transaction.

  • We understand and care what the business will look like after the transaction completes
  • Details matter – we take the time to understand what really makes a business tick
  • Selling is always easier when you’re passionate – we don’t buy things we don’t believe in. Nor do we sell them.
Restructuring, rejuvenation & transformation

Helping businesses achieve their potential is why we come to work.

Creating value through relentless change is our default setting. We have a team with deep experience across:

  • Transformational growth initiatives
  • Rejuvenation of stagnant businesses
  • Operational &/or capital restructures
  • Turnaround programs
We see value where others see challengesWe simplify complexityWe think rough edges can be beautifulWe’ve learned from brutal experience


Our Work

Investment experience of the Boab Team

Our team’s experience covers a diverse range of industries, situations and capital structures. This is just a taste.

Our Numbers

Our experience and our performance

Primary investments
M&A transactions completed
Return on capital multiple

The cumulative experience and track record of the senior team

Our Investment Criteria


We focus on established businesses that meet the following criteria.

enterprise value

Businesses that can be valued within this range excluding any debt the business may owe.

Deals where we
have an angle

That is, where we bring something more than just money to the table, such as speed, industry insight, operational expertise, restructuring expertise, a transaction structuring advantage, a strategic partner, or a bolt-on acquisition.

Sector agnostic

We’ve had success across a diverse range of sectors and look to judge each opportunity on its merits. Australia or New Zealand focused.

What we don’t do

Start-ups/early stage ventures, greenfield infrastructure and property development.


We are open to hearing about investment opportunities

Tel.: +61 2 9239 8100

Suite 802
2-14 Kings cross road
Potts Point NSW 2011